The self-fulfilling prophecies involve these four stages: holding an expectation, behaving in accordance with that expectation, the expectation coming to pass and reinforcing the original expectation.

Self-fulfilling prophecies is define as a person's expectations of event and his/her behavior based on their expectations, and make the event more likely to occur than make it true. There are two kinds of self-fulfilling prophecies known as self-imposed prophecies and the other one is when self-fulfilling prophecies is used on one person to another. An example of self-fulfilling prophecies that occurs often in our everday life is a job interview. You know how we feel when we go to an interview. We're nervous about messing up and not sure about how to answer some questions. We might think that we're not suit for the job. But then you have a positive attitude that affect how you feel about yourself, because a friend of yours who work at the company said that you are the type of person that the employer are looking for. The interview goes by well, and your positive attitude and confidence got you the job. This example involves the four stages of self-fulfilling prophecies.

 Self-imposed prophecies happens when your expectations involve your own behavior. This happens when you know that something is going to turn out good or bad. For example, you know that you didn't study for a quiz or test and you think to yourself that you're going to fail. You somehow fail like you think you're going to, not because you didn't study. It's because you didn't think of the positive remarks that could make things better. The self-imposed prophecies involves how your attitude makes you behave and and see your true self.

The second self-fulfilling prophecies occurs when one person's action take control of the other person's action. It's like when you receive a good comment about yourself from someone, you tend to make that comment more true. For instance, lets say that your boss said that you're a hard worker. This makes you show them more of your true self by improving to them that you are really a hard worker. Another example would be if someone make a bad comment about how stupid you were for failing a quiz, you would start to show and think to yourself that you are really stupid. One person's positive or negative attitude can cause us to change our attitude. The one receiving the comments must do more than believe in order to create self-fulfilling prophecy. They must communicate those belief for the prediction to work.